Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Best stress reliever ever

Non newtonian fluid!

Had a couple bad days at work.  Yesterday was my day to go home early.  The secretary came by my room in the morning to tell me there was a meeting.  I was pissed, but spent almost the whole day trying to be very pura vida about it.  Until 2:10 came and a guy came in my classroom "the meeting has been canceled".  I had waited around for an hour and a half, for nothing.  The worst part- all the other teachers had already been informed.  I, the only one who gets to leave early on Mondays, was the only one left out of the loop.

I was so mad when I was leaving, I was seeing red.

Today I came in and was told I had to fill out these pointless forms about my exams.  We have to list the objectives, and how many points and questions per objective.  I was told I had "too many points" on my exam, and we're only allowed to have 70 points.

Why?  That is just an arbitrary number.  So I had to fill out this form (and I did it in English, not Spanish), send it in to the lady who doesn't have science knowledge and doesn't speak English to be reviewed.  How the hell is this busy work benefiting anyone?  And if they decide I have too many points, what's next?  Make me reduce the points on each question?

WHAT DOES THAT DO???  nothing.  My test will be the same, but each question will be worth less.  It will still be THE SAME THING.

I was so mad filling out that stupid chart I was shaking.

So I made myself some non-newtonian fluid.  And man is it relaxing to play with it.  Liquid.  SOLID.  Liquiddd... SOLID!!!

*deeeeeeep breath*

liquid... SOLID