Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to vote from abroad

National elections are right around the corner!  Are you registered to vote?  Are you registered for your absentee ballot if you're abroad?

Registering for your absentee ballot is super easy!  Here is the facebook page dedicated to it.  And here is a jolly and informative video on how to:

For North Carolina I simply wrote my county and asked how to do it.  I was able to register to vote in my hometown and request my absentee ballot all online.  My ballot is then sent to me in email as a PDF.  I can print it off, fill it out, scan it and email it back.  In NC, you get your ballot about three weeks before the election day so you have NO EXCUSE to not fill it out and get it back in.  You are then sent every ballot for every election you are eligible to vote in for one year.

REMEMBER- you must re-request you absentee ballots every year to make sure your voice is heard.

So please register to vote!

And get your absentee ballot!  It is so easy!

Make your vote count!!