Monday, August 13, 2012

One year living in Costa Rica

That's right folks, I made it to one year in Costa Rica.  August 9, 2011 I hopped on a plane to San Jose with the plan of never returning to the USA again!  No not really, but it was intended as a permanent move.

This year has been absolutely fantastic.  The most frustrating part to me was definitely the whole residency issue.  It was expensive, lengthy and really unorganized.  But all my stuff is in immigration, I have my paper saying I'm in tramites and therefore I shouldn't have to make any more border runs.  I guess that paper also means I'm allowed to work, but I'm not sure anyone could answer that question for me, so I'll assume "si".

Life in Costa Rica is different in many ways, but in most ways it's the same.  I still get lots of emails and facebook messages about people asking for tips for moving to Costa Rica.  They say they want to live "the simple life".  I don't get this.  Life in Costa Rica is just as simple or just as complicated as you decide to make it.  Why don't you just live "the simple life" in the USA?  If you think that just because you move to a new country you'll all of a sudden decide you won't need that flat screen TV and gas-guzzling SUV, then you're wrong.  My life in Costa Rica is quite similar to my life in the USA.  Oscar and I share one car.  We both work.  We have a small, one bedroom apartment.  We pay our bills.  Sometimes we go out to eat- sometimes it's a fancy restaurant, sometimes it's take out Chinese.  Sometimes we go to bars (okay- often times we go to bars).  We drink beer.  We buy some fancy US products from the store and try to stretch our colon by buying veggies at the feria.  We save up for big vacations and also go on weekend trips.  I'd consider it a simple life, but it sure isn't much simpler than our US life.

Thinking back, I'm not sure I've learned much (except for that if you want anything done, do it your freaking self!  Although-- really I knew that before.  Suppose I just relearned it.)  I studied abroad in Costa Rica so a lot of the stuff I'd already known.  My Spanish has gotten better and my pachuco has really improved.  I know my way around most of San Jose, and can take a bus anywhere I need to go.

I love living in Costa Rica.  I really like my job.  I like my friends.  I like Oscar's family.  I love the mountains.  I love the beaches.  Oscar and I are pretty sure this will not be our "forever home", but for now, it's been pretty freaking awesome.

Feliz aniversario!!

Oscar and I headed to La Esquina de Buenos Aires, our favorite Argentinian restaurant, to celebrate one year in Costa Rica!


Jimena said...

yeay you!!
wonderful post
it's a big accomplishment to live somewhere new, you get to feel proud!
many never make it, and rarely adjust so well. :)