Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Independence Day and Bodies

September 15 was Independence Day.  So on Friday the kids wore traditional clothing and brought in faroles (lanterns).  It was very nice.  Friday night, Pavas puts on the whole show of running in the torch (see last year's post), but it rained so Oscar and I were like SCREW THAT and took a nap instead.  We're old people.  I was given Monday off which was great.

Here's some pictures from school:

Today the fifth through eighth graders went to see the Bodies exhibit in Multiplaza.  I printed out an extensive worksheet for them to fill out while inside.  I went through with my group, fifth grade, and explained a lot of the bodies and organs and such.  They did really well, I was surprised.  Although perhaps not that surprised, I gave all the students a pretty heavy lecture before we went in about being respectful and mature.  I warned them that the bodies are naked (*gasp*) and to my pleasure I didn't see a single kid pointing at penises and giggling.  Even at the penis box!  They all just sort of nodded while I pointed out the male urinary system (one kid said it looked like a flamingo! jaja!).  I only caught one kid sort of mocking the position of one body and I called him out immediately and he looked embarrassed afterwards.  Good.  (I'm such a bitch.  muahaha)

I love that these young kids think I'm some all-knowing being because I'm able to identify major organs in the human body.  I guess not everyone can do that, but everyone should be able to do it.

So yes, great field trip.  Great Independence Day.  Residency is still being difficult but I'm hoping in another few weeks everything will be solved.  *fingers crossed*