Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering September 11, 2001

For about a week I have been conflicted on what to do about the mark of 11 years since September 11.  This was because of a couple things:

1.  I teach science class.  That has nothing to do with September 11.
2.  September 15 is Costa Rica Independence Day.  I didn't want to impose.
3.  Most of the kids at this school were not even alive in 2001.  And of those who were, all of them are too young to even remember it.

After mulling over everything I decided that this was too important to just let pass.  But I'll remember in a more silent way.  I'm not going to mention the towers, the Pentagon, the plane crashes, the lives lost, the horror or the pain.  I'm going to write a poem about heroes on the board.  For the youngest kids I'm going to have them copy it down, and draw a picture to go with it.  For the older kids I'm going to have them read it and then write their own poem on a hero in their life.  That way, it sort of ties in to both the heroism of September 11, and the heroism of September 15.

Because even though I don't know anyone who lost anyone in the attacks, it is still a very sobering day for me.

Here's some pictures I got from my third graders:

"I am a hero and my dog too"

Left side is her parents being heroes by donating blood.  Right side is her being a hero by helping her brother who hit his head.

Police officer.

"My father and my mother are heroes"