Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Only Mostly Dead

And my Miracle Max is my mug of wine.

The science fair was today and it was a very long day.  I spent the ENTIRE time going around to see presentations from the kids.  Because I have 6 different grade levels I had to go through 6 full classes of presentations.  And boy was I disappointed.

I sort of knew I would be.  But it was ridiculous.  I had kids in 3rd grade and kids in 8th grade doing the same project.  I had at least 3 groups do the egg in vinegar deal, 3 groups do the lemon juice and fire ''invisible ink'', and 2 groups with bones in different solutions.  One group in SIXTH GRADE did baking soda and vinegar to blow up a balloon.  Seriously?  One kid must have not understood the word EXPERIMENT and instead did a research project on tectonic plates.  ''My hypothesis is that tectonic plates rubbing against each other creates earthquakes''  That's not YOUR hypothesis.  That was Alfred Wegener's hypothesis.  In 1915.

I hated how awful the projects were because I feel like it reflects on me as a science teacher.  I obviously suck at teaching the difference between science and stupid.

I even had a group do mentos in coke.  Mentos.  In.  Coke.

Is that even an experiment?  When you know what's going to happen?

And then I ask them 'hard' questions like ''why does it happen?'' and they can't give me an answer.  So you just put mentos in coke and took pictures and that's it.  You had over a month and this is what you came up with.


The day was super long and I didn't even get to all the classes.  For whatever reason all the kids started leaving after lunch at 1pm when school doesn't end until 3pm.  So when I finally got to the 4th grade class, no one was even there.  I'm going to make them bring in the projects on Friday and present then.

Luckily I got a ride home with a neighbor so at least I didn't have to take the bus.

I'm exhausted but my Miracle Max sure is working a miracle.

Here's some pictures from the lame projects--

Actually, forget it.  They're taking too long to load and they're not that interesting.  Let's just leave it at that.


Alex said...

Wow, it sounds like today was really a good day for wine, and not such a good day to be a Science Teacher. Well... perhaps you can use this as a springboard for your next lecture series (assuming you have any choice there). Well, ok, maybe not your NEXT one, because I imagine it would be in poor form to follow up the science fair with a lecture on "Here's why you're dumb...".

Still, it sounds like maybe there's some potential in there for this to be a "teaching moment", as they say.

Good luck! Glad you got through today ok. Make sure you save some leftover miracle juice for after Friday.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, give em a break. I always made crappy, last minute science projects and I LIKED science!!

- Britta