Monday, October 29, 2012

School Stuffs

I'm tired of the science fair project.  These kids have had a full month to do their science fair project.  I'm not surprised they're doing it at the last minute, but I am surprised they're telling me that they're doing it at the last minute.  If you're going to BS your project, cool, but do it so I can't tell.  Idiots.

Today a kid came up and asked if she could do ''self inflate a balloon'' with vinegar and baking soda.  She's in 5th grade.  I told her she had a FULL MONTH to come up with a good experiment, and if she decides to turn in a vinegar and baking soda project, she'll get a vinegar and baking soda grade.  I mean seriously...

I'm also upset because I told all the kids they had to dress up for the science fair.  I think it's important that they learn to look presentable for certain occasions.  Well just today I get an email from the principal saying no, I'm not allowed to ask them to dress up and they have to come with their regular uniforms.  Whatever.  I don't know how I'm going to be able to tell all the kids two days before the science fair they have to wear their uniform after I just spent the last 5 weeks beating into their brains that they have to dress up.  So, I'm not putting in an effort to tell them.  If they come dressed up, great, if not, great.

Also, if you haven't noticed, I'm a lazy ass hole.  And for whatever reason I thought it would be a good idea to make myself in charge of organizing a project with a marine life protection organization.  I mean I love sea turtles and sharks, I just love not working more.  Anyways, I'm going to try to get some people from this organization to come talk to the whole school about their projects.  Maybe get a fund raiser together to adopt a turtle or two.  And also try to get a group of students to go on a volunteer trip sometime next year.  Mostly just because I want to go.

I just have senioritis real bad.  I had it last year I taught, too.  We have about a month and a half of school left and I am so ready for it to be over.  I'm having trouble coming up with fun ideas.  I don't have the same enthusiasm about teaching as I normally do.  Plus my computer has been in the shop for almost two weeks which means I have no access to any of the science stuff I have saved there.  I'm trying to cram in labs because I need to re-excite myself with science.  I'm going to do a pH lab and static electricity lab this week, and hopefully get stuff together for a DNA extraction lab for the older kids next week.

This Saturday Oscar and I are going to the Lady Gaga concert!  That will be fun!  I wanted to dress up as Lady Gaga (you know, just the wig and probably the beer cans) but a wig costs $50!  That's almost as much as the tickets!  Forget that!

It'll be just as fun without the wig!

Also, best wishes to all of you in Sandy's path.  These pictures are making me remember Hurricane Fran back in 1990-whatever.