Saturday, October 20, 2012

Something I won't miss

I'll miss a lot of things when Oscar and I decide to move back to the USA.  But I'm sure of one thing I won't- the abundance of street dogs.

Here, there is no animal protection or any other societies.  There are very very few places for street dogs to be held until they are adopted.  So they stay on the street.  And make more street dogs.  I've read that there's just as many street dogs in the USA as there are in CR.  The difference is they are collected in the USA, and, unfortunately, usually euthanized when they are not adopted.  I don't know how true that statement is, but I guess in this instance ignorance is bliss.  I don't think there's any good answer for what to do with the street dogs.

I'm thinking about this a lot today because coming home from my walk with Perlita, a street dog came up to us.  From far away he looked fine, healthy even, and really pretty.  He was blonde and light brown with green eyes.  A beautiful dog.  And he was covered in some sort of skin disease.  He looked so sad like all he wanted was a pat or two.  I didn't want him to get near Perlita just in case whatever he had was contaigous.  I gave him the normal ''tsh!'' which usually scares dogs away here.  But he didn't do anything.  I happened to be carrying a stick because Perlita found it and wanted to take it home.  So I took the stick and gave him a little thump and pushed him away.  He didn't do anything.  He just stood and looked at me.  I walked quickly away with Perlita and he stayed where he stood.

After I got home I felt so awful about knocking him with the stick.  I thought I should go get him and take him to the vet to see what he has and get him medicine.  I thought I should take care of him until we can find him a good home.

But I have no money.  I have no idea if he would try to bite me if I went to get him.  And we certainly don't have enough space in the apartment for two dogs.  

I tell myself these things because I try to make myself feel better.  I adopted one street dog.  I gave her a good home.  I can't save every dog in Costa Rica, can I?

I thought I'd maybe get used to all the street dogs.  You see them every day.  But I haven't.  I still hate seeing the starving, disease ridden dogs running across the street in the rain.  I hate the Nicaragua border with the filthy dogs who follow you around waiting for food to drop.  And I hate that there's problems worse than that in this country.

So yeah.  That's something I won't miss.