Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bear Awesome!

The end of the school year (and actual year) is upon us!  Since I have a homeroom of 5th grade I thought I should get little presents for them.  Cause that's what you do with little kids, right?

I was thinking over a few things, but all seemed to labor intensive.  I mean I don't like the kids that much.  Then I considered a piñata because Oscar mentioned that's pretty normal to have at the end of the year.  But I couldn't quite figure out a way to avoid the slaughter the kids would partake in in order to get the candy.  So I finally figured it out!


They are totally my thing.  My mom used to make them for us when we were growing up.  They're super easy to make and everyone thinks you're some sort of genius because you made a card that talks.  Perfect.

Until I started making them.

The first half I made with snowman saying "Have a great brrrrr-eak"  (Later Oscar told me I should have put "cool break" DUH!  How did I miss that pun?  Sheesh)  Anyways, they were pretty cool but for whatever reason I wanted some variety.

I figured the second half of the cards I would make with reindeer heads.  Well as it turns out I'm awful at drawing reindeer.  They sort of ended up like bear dogs.

After two of those failures, I thought "what is really easy to draw and has a mouth?"  A SNAKE!  To make it like Christmas I'll just put a Santa Hat on him!  Those looked like sperm.

By now I was dying laughing at myself because I was so bad at making these pop up cards.  I tried to think of another animal that I was good at drawing and also had some sort of pun.  That's when I thought of a "My Name Is Earl" episode where there was some Bear Festival in town.  They kept seeing commercials for it and they would say "It's Bear-tastic!"  "It's Bear-aful!" and the one which I thought was the most funny was: "It's Bear-awesome!"  I added a Christmas tree so it would be more holiday-y.  So that was my last two cards.

I had a real good thing going with those snowmen!  Don't know why I made life difficult for myself.

So the kids are getting some wacky cards.  I'm not remaking them.  They'll just be happy candy is attached.