Monday, November 12, 2012

Birthday Bash and School Stuff

On Saturday was Oscar's mom's 50th birthday party.  And boy was it a party!

A mariachi came and played some songs.  Everyone knew all the words except for me, so I just drunkenly swayed back and forth and shouted every once in a while.  I think I fit in pretty well.

I love parties in Costa Rica because everyone always ends up dancing.  And I'm not talking a two step with a bounce.  I'm talking full on salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia, bolero, everything.  If I haven't mentioned it before, Oscar is an excellent dancer.  I do an okay job of keeping up, but I'm nowhere near his level.  I told him I was embarrassed to dance in front of his family.  Because they actually know what dancing looks like.  When I'm home in the USA and just dancing in front of my rhythm-less, white family I look like a freaking star.  But not in front of Latinos.

In the end I think I did okay.  And everyone in Oscar's family is too nice to say other wise.


And today I finally got around to making ribbons for the Science Fair winners.  I bought some sparkly blue ribbon and doubled it over so it was a little more opaque.  On the back I glued in a yellow card where I wrote "Science Fair, 2012" with the grade level and the kid's name.  On the front I put a glitter number 1.  I also am giving out a rubber snake with each ribbon because I have a ton left over from Halloween (I was Medusa).

So far I have only given out to fourth grade, but they totally loved it.  They were especially happy with the rubber snake.

I think they turned out pretty nice!

Well just this week left for teaching!  Next week is review week (although I'll probably continue teaching because I feel like we've had no time to cover anything).  Then the last week in November is Exam Week.  And then December 13 I fly home for a few days!!!!  So excited!