Monday, November 19, 2012

Pissed and need to let it out

It all started when I was literally walking out of the door and another teacher ran up to me and says "you can't go, we have a meeting today"

Have I ever mentioned Mondays are the only day I get to leave early?  I'm sure I must have at some point...

Anyways, I wasn't sweating it too much.  I have one more exam to write.  I'm just getting started when a teacher comes in to tell me all 7 of my exams that I had written can't be used.  Why?  Because I'm testing old information (like from the whole year).

Now, this is a final exam.  I would assume the final exam would test all information.   I made up the exams so that half would be old information, and half of it would be the new information.  I think that's pretty goddam fair.

So just a few minutes ago I was feeling so good about myself.  I had finished 7 of my 8 exams.  I had already sent out topics to the parents.  I was ahead of schedule!  Dopey me was ahead!

And then I find out I have to re-write all my freaking exams.  Because a parent complained.  It pisses me off to NO END.  The parent says that her kid has not kept the exams and how can he study old information?  I don't know.. with his NOTEBOOK or TEXTBOOK or ANY OF THE OTHER WORK WE HAVE DONE ALL FREAKING YEAR.

I told the teacher that for the ENTIRE YEAR I have spent class time going over exams questions to make sure they had the right answers.  I told them every single time that they need to hold on to their exams because the final exam will have questions from previous exams on it.  And now... I'm not allowed to do it.

I'm so sick of this school telling me I can't do shit.  I should be allowed to put on my test whatever the hell I want.  For the first two exams I was combining biology and physics because the kids only have me once a week and we never covered enough information to make a full test.  Well then I'm told I can't do that.  Then we get all these stupid ass rules about how to write a test (in multiple choice, the longest answer goes at the bottom, so it looks pretty I guess??!!)  Now I can't make a FINAL exam cover all the topics covered.  And I even gave them a list of the specific things to be tested.

So I'm pissed.  I have to send out an email "correcting" my exam topics and I will.  Tonight.  When Oscar can help me write a really fucking passive aggressive email saying stuff like "even though I've told the kids throughout the ENTIRE year to hold onto their tests, and even though your kid SHOULD REMEMBER all the information, and even though school is about LEARNING, and even though we have only had SIX CLASSES since the last exam and therefore the exam will now be very short, I have been forced to take away the old topics"  (and for biology and physics which I only have once a week, we will have had THREE classes.  How the FUCK am I supposed to make a fair exam off THREE classes of work???!!!)

So my exams will now be half the length.  Good luck kids.  You can say thanks to that ass hole parent whose child is stupid and irresponsible.


Bethany said...

Just curious, is this more or less aggravating than policies in the American school system that undermine teachers' ability to teach? Or do they come out even?

Signe said...

Well it's a different type of frustration. Here I get frustrated because you never know anything until the last minute, communication is horrible, and everything is unorganized. I'm irritated that a final exam wouldn't test all information, but the reason I'm so pissed is because no one ever told me. I'd already spent tons of time writing my exams, then only afterwards do they tell me it's wrong.

In the USA, at least you know what you're getting yourself into. You know you'll be teaching to the test and have no flexibility.

I have always said the best and worst part about my current school is how laid back it is. Even with all the fuck ups at this school, it really is still 100xs better than teaching in the USA.

Jimena said...

that shit ain't right. not at all
it would drive me nutty as a teacher to have someone force me to change MY evaluation at the last minute.
I've gotten used to university teaching, where IIIIIII make the rules for my classroom.
for the record, I did elementary, high school and university in Costa Rica, and I NEVER had a final exam not include the previous material.
the school is being stupid