Tuesday, November 20, 2012


And not quite as angry as the last one.

This time it's residency nonsense.  Just to recap:

In January 2012 I completed all the papers needed to apply for residency.  In the first week of February I gave those papers to my director who gave them to the worthless lawyer (WL).  The WL stalled for months and ended up turning in my papers to migracion in April (after I had to make an emergency border run since my visa ran out).  In July I had not heard anything so I contacted the WL who thinks that my director decided not to use him anymore.  When in fact that was not true.  The WL and my director speak a bit and after a few weeks of constant phone calls he makes his way to migracion to check on my case.  It turns out I'm missing 3 documents and a $50 deposit into migracion's bank account.  I asked for those three documents from the school about two months ago.

Which brings us to today.  I have had it.  I have spoken to the director multiple times and three weeks ago she assured me she would be giving all the documents to the lawyer.  Well, that never happened.  And these documents are not like anything they have to write.  All they have to do is make some copies.  That's it.  It would take maybe five total minutes to do this.

So today I go to talk to the lady in the office.  I hand her a paper which lists all the documents I need.  I tell her "I requested these almost two months ago, please please give them to me.  I will take them to the lawyer.  I will make the $50 deposit.  I want to finish this."  She was very nice and assured me I would have my documents by TODAY.

So I'm expecting them Friday at the earliest.  Maybe next Friday.  But I need to get them to the lawyer so that I can then call his lazy ass every day and pressure him into going to migracion.  Which will probably take a month.  So maybe residency by February 2013?

*sigh*  What a fucking hassle this has been.


Jimena said...

SO typical. it makes me lose my shit.
and this is WITH a lawyer.