Tuesday, December 11, 2012

End of year stuff

I have successfully completed my first year teaching in Costa Rica!

Well sort of.  We have to work until Friday (I'm leaving Thursday for the USA).  We're giving out notes this week.  Basically the parents come in, we give the final notes and tell them whatever they need to know about their kid.  It's a lot of sitting around, which is what I'm doing right now.  Since the appointments have long breaks between them.

Last week was the last three days of classes.  On Wednesday I came to school with a whole bunch of games ready to play with the kids all day.  While outside playing a game we saw a dog get run over by a car, flip around in its throes of death and then die.  It was extremely disturbing and I made sure to get all the kids up to the classroom while the men of the school disposed of the body.  Because that's a man's job.  I was then off my game for the rest of the day because I was so sad about seeing that doggy die.  But I made it through the day and the kids had a pretty good little party.

The next day, on Thursday, was the recital.  We arrived around 1pm and the thing lasted until about 4:30pm!  Soooo long!  The kids did a good job, but there is just no reason to make a recital that long.  The first part was a ballet which was nice.  Then there were solo instruments, then choirs, then group instruments... it just went on and on!  Luckily, it took place at a theater right on my bus route so when it was over I just jumped on the bus and went home.

Friday was the Sixth Grade Graduation.  Here in CR obligatory school only goes up to 6th grade so there's this huge party for when the kids graduate.  They had a really nice little party for the kids.  I liked it because everyone was dancing, even the parents and teachers!  With only a few hours left the party organizers came in with a bunch of party stuff- hats, whistles, blinking necklaces, and of course- maracas.  It was a great for the kids.  They also gave out little socks to all the girls to change into instead of wearing high heels.  I thought that was especially awesome because of my bad feet!

Me in the red gettin it with the profes

Then on Saturday I realized that the papers I was so excited about finally getting have my passport number wrong.  So I have to request them all over again!  I went to ask the lady in the office about them and when they would be done, her answer "the guy is going to take a while because it's the holidays"  Yeah right, he's going to take a while because he's a lazy jerk.  *sigh*  Whatever.

But I'm going home on Thursday morning!  Will be home for about 5 days.  Plan on eating a lot of cheese that's not available in Costa Rica and drinking lots of Prosecco!  Yum!