Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Feeling Hopeful

About a week ago I looked up the class schedules online for the upcoming year.  I noticed that it had my name listed as the 9th grade English teacher.  I figured it must be a mistake since I don't teach English!

Well of course it wasn't a mistake.  So I began to get all sorts of stressed out.  I explained to my director that I do NOT feel comfortable teaching English and that it would be bad for the kids if I did.  Didn't matter, it was my position.  Of course combining this news with the news that my residency file may have been tossed out by migracion and I may have to start all over again (another story for another day)- I was seeing red.

But after a few days I calmed down a bit and started to look up resources for teaching English.  I made a list of things I could start with, found a few books online the class could read, and joined an English teacher forum to ask for help.

Today was the first day back for the teachers and I met a lady who is supposedly the "English director".  Meaning she deals with all classes taught in English.  She was asking someone next to me who the English teachers were and I said "me, unfortunately" and explained why I didn't want to teach it.  She was very understanding and said she would sit down with me and figure things out.

After a long meeting that didn't accomplish anything (as usual) I went to talk to this lady again.  You see, I noticed on the list of teachers that one teacher was only teaching 1st and 2nd grade science.  And that was it.  So I proposed to the new English director that why not let this other teacher take 3rd grade off my plate (currently my load is 3rd-6th science, 7th-9th biology, and 9th English.  A LOT), and therefore I can have a little more time to prepare for English classes.  We talked for a bit and she seemed to think it was a good idea.

All the teachers went to lunch and afterwards the new English director lady tells me that she spoke to the school director and she thought it was a good idea to let this other teacher take 3rd grade as well.  She also said she would "take care" of the English part.  Which I don't know that that means that they'll find someone else to teach it, but she at least seems very ready to help me.

So, I'm feeling hopeful.  If nothing else I truly hope they take 3rd grade away from me.  It's just... too much.

My clase guia (homeroom) is my same kids from last year, so that makes me happy.  They're in 6th grade this year so I'll have to do the whole graduation thing for them.  It'll be nice, I'm glad I got to stay with them.

Also, I spoke with the guy who is now teaching physics and chemistry (quite psyched I don't have those classes as well!) who says the school will be buying lab equipment this year!  Which is great!  He told me to make a list of stuff and they'll get it.  I'm thinking-- hot plates, glass slides, slide covers, glass beakers, solutions, test tube holders, test tube brushes, a balance, dissection kits... so much!  He even says they'll buy a microscope! Hooray!

Yeah, this year is feeling good.  I really hope things work out for me class wise and then I can rock it out during the year.