Thursday, January 17, 2013

Got married!

Hooray!  See I told you guys I was busy with *something*.

Oscar and I got married in a very small ceremony in Colorado.  I called it a "fake elopement" because although our immediate families knew, not the whole world did.  It was short and beautiful and great.  We also went skiing and Oscar did pretty well!  Had him bolting down blue squares by the end of day two.  I was highly impressed.

Now we're back in Costa Rica and I've been asked a few times- what is my new last name?  The answer is "the same one".  I'm not changing my last name.  Here's the reasons why:

1.  I think it's sexist and stupid.  Back in the day the woman changed her name to "belong" to her husband.  Total BS if you ask me.

2.  In the Hispanic tradition, no one changes their last name.  Then if there are children, they get both lasts names.  That's why many Hispanics have so many last names.  This was an awesome part since Oscar never expected me to change my name so name change was a complete non-issue.

3.  I am so sick of freaking bureaucratic paperwork I would rather drink 100 gallons of spoiled milk than willingly plunge myself into more paperwork.  Plus all my residency paperwork is under my current last name, if I changed my last name I would have to start all over again.  Not. happening.

So that's my quick update!  We're happy and married now!  Not that this was the reason for the nuptials  but I am hoping this will hurry along my residency a bit.  We'll see.


Teresa said...

You must have frozen your butt off in the snow in that dress but you look so pretty!