Monday, February 18, 2013

Second week of second year

I'm into the second week of my second year teaching in Costa Rica.  Last week was rough- I was feeling unappreciated and beaten down.  But this week is already looking up.  Two of my problems have been mas o menos solved, and the third one I'll be dealing with tomorrow.

I'm all excited because I'm finally teaching the same things for the second time (well besides English which I have no idea what to do).  Although this is my third year teaching, this is the first year I'll have the same subjects.  My first year in the USA I taught high school biology the first semester and earth & environmental science the second semester.  Then my second year (first year in CR) I taught 3rd-6th science, 7th & 8th biology and physics.  And finally this year I'm teaching the same things as last year, just minus the physic and plus English.  It's so much easier for me to plan to do stuff because I'VE ALREADY DONE IT BEFORE.  It's awesome!

On the residency front- I've lost hope.  I no longer plan to pursue finishing my residency process.  I have put at least $500 of my own money into the process and countless hours of my time.  And so I've given up.  I considered re-applying via my tico husband, but forget that.  In order to do that I'd have to get new fingerprints, new birth certificate, new police report, everything translated again, plus our marriage certificate.  Forget that noise.  If the lawyer or the school magically decide to start working on this stuff then I'll be interested again.  But unless that happens I'm not going to track them down anymore.

Well that was a boring blog.  I felt like I needed to update even though it wasn't anything super interesting and awesome.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all have our strengths and weaknesses and today I've been thinking of my own.  Today is the last day of work days before the kids come in.  Classes don't start until Monday, but we have our "clase guia" (homeroom) for the next three days from 7:30-12:00 pm and we're supposed to be doing group bonding stuff with them.

So this made me think of my weaknesses-
I'm lazy
I'm unorganized
I can't pay attention
etc, etc

But I have one strength that is always on my side- I am really freaking creative!  Like really super creative.  All the other teachers are bitching and whining about what the hell are they going to do for these three days, while I have not only come up with plenty of stuff for my kids, but have also given out extra ideas to the other teachers.  I'm sure I'll need to come up with some more stuff because activities never take as long as you think they will, but I'm confident in my ability to come up with awesome games/activities/random shit on the spot.

In about three weeks we'll have our annual Noche Bohemia again.  Last time we totally killed the competition winning first place!  Hellllz yeah.  I plan to keep up the streak.  Because I'm really good at coming up with cool shit for the kids to do.

I may not be the smartest, most organized, most prepared, most "rule obeying" teacher in the world, but I am really creative.  And I think that's pretty awesome.

My example mobile we will be making during the next three days.

A piece of styrofoam that I painted and then had kids mod podge that I will use as my bulletin board for the year since I don't have one.