Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break!

Or, Semana Santa as we call it down here!

My dad is coming to visit at the end of May and you know what that means- deliveries from the USA!  Okay, it also means I get to see my dad and his wife which is super exciting (especially since his wife has never been to CR!).  But it also means I can special order only-available-in-USA products and have them brought down.  Don't judge me, Sriracha, fish sauce, and lotion tissues are really important!

So I was also looking at getting Perlita a doggy backpack.  My sister mentioned while she was here that I should get her one and fill it up with rocks or something so she gets tired faster on our walks.  It's important now because I think she's picking up fleas from the park, so I want to tire her out without having to let her into the park.  So doggy backpack it was.

I found a few online for about $30 and I thought that was a great deal.  Until yesterday when Oscar said "why don't you make Perlita her backpack?"

Ummm... great idea!  Oscar is working this week, so I'm at home, miserable in the heat without much to do.

I found this great pattern online, well not so much pattern as simple instructions.  I went to a pasamaneria and got fabric and notions.  They didn't have any nice backpack material so I got a less durable material in a prettier pattern.  I mean my dog is fancier than khaki.  Have you seen her fancy collar??

Fancy collar, a gift from Jay!

Everything was about $5 together.  And it came out GREAT.  Great!  It's a little big, but I think it'll be okay. It took me about 4 hours and half a bottle of wine to make.  

random side story:  I've been drinking tinto veranos.  Well, more like a bastardized version of tinto veranos.  I first had this drink in Spain.  I'm sure there's a fancier way to make it, but it's basically cooled red wine with either seltzer water, orange soda or lemon soda.  My favorite was always with lemon soda.  But lemon soda is damn hard to find.  Even in the USA you have to go to Whole Foods to find a bottle.  But it's totally worth it.  I remember going to the beach with my Nalgene full of tinto verano and ice cubes.  De-LICOUS.  Can't find lemon soda here, so I use Fresca.  Yes, I put Fresca in my red wine.  Why would I ruin perfectly good wine with Fresca? you may ask.  Well my friend, you hold me to too high a standard if you think I'm buying good wine.  We get $5 bottles.  So I think it's perfectly okay to pour Fresca into stuff that normal people wouldn't even use for cooking.  *Warning*- tintos are dangerous things my friend.  They're girly and cool and delicious.  And you can drink a whole bunch before realizing your bottle of wine has been finished off.

Back to the story-

So I totally made a great little backpack for Perlita for FIVE DOLLARS instead of the thirty you have to pay to get one online.  I win.

Here's some pictures!  It's a little big because the pattern was for a bigger puppy.  Perlita LOVES her new backpack! =)

Well I am currently coated in a fine layer of sweat because the heat here is insane.  I can't wait for the rainy season.  Off for a shower and a nap!