Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Obama Despiche

It's been too long, I know.  But things have just been so normal there's not been anything to write about recently.  Until now.

On Friday, President Barack Obama will be visiting Costa Rica!  It's very exciting for me.  We live very close to the USA embassy and the school where his helicopter will land.  I sort of automatically assumed we would have the day off since they would be closing down all the streets.  I had it all planned- I would sit outside with my puppy and read a book until I heard the chopper.  Then I would grab my camera and run over to the school and see if I could snap a picture.  (they won't release the actual time he's coming)

But, my school (not where the helicopter is landing) is thinking they're still going to have classes.  Which has caused this huge thing.  See the director thinks it's a good idea to have classes since Santa Ana is outside of the closed districts.  But what she doesn't seem to realize is that all the teachers live outside of Santa Ana.  Meaning they will not be able to get to work on Friday.  Of course commuting doesn't affect her since she lives AT the school.  Seriously, the school is on her property.

Well, we don't know that traffic will be impossibly for sure.  Everything could potentially run very smoothly on Friday and there not be any traffic problems at all.  But I live only a few blocks away from the USA embassy.  You think I'm going to risk that shit?  And get caught in 5 hours of traffic?  Hell. no.

So as a unit of teachers we have all sort of stood up and said "cancel classes"  We still haven't heard what's going to happen yet, but I've already made the decision to not go in on Friday.  If they make me take a day off, that's fine.  I'll leave plans for whoever is going to cover my classes.  But I'm not risking it.  Also, I really want to see my President!  I know the chances are slim to none, but they'd be zero if I was in school that day.